Honeymoon in Thailand..day1

I had doubts whether i made the right choice. Everyone has a shady image of Thailand. Kept my fingers crossed, hope my wife likes it.

It started with landing in Bangkok, 99Holidays guy was there to receive us in nice Toyota corolla. It was a great drive straight to Pattaya, roads have never been better! We checked in a beautiful 4 star hotel and were surprised by the delicious cake and pleasantries. We slept soon, it started well.

Day1 started with a good buffet breakfast. Went out to acclamatise us with the place, just outside our hotel was the coast line, everyone was partying and the mood was electeifying. Took a walk along the beach, ot was all new and colourful in pattaya. Had lunch in gr8 indian restaurant Alibaba, gr8 gr8 ambience n food.Came back to rest, evening was for Alcazar show. 5pm a girl from 99holidays came to explain us our trip amd give all details. 6 pm our car came to drop us to Alcazar, it was the best stage performance that we have seen. It even hadmy fav. Gangman style n chamak challo. Our car was waiting to drop us for the dinner. Day1 was fantastic, thanks to 99Holidays..

How I did in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, the sin city. The first image that comes with this city is pubs and bars. But that’s not Pattaya is all about. It is one of the best tropical tourist destinations I have ever been to. The city of joy and nightlife entertainment is the perfect romantic getaway.
My romance in Pattaya started with a surprise welcome cake in our room. The delicious cake along with a cute decoration was a delight after a tiring journey.
The next morning started with a modest breakfast and a walk in the hotel which led us to the beach road (we never knew about the gate that led to it). The first sight filled us with a feel of holiday with people relaxing on the beaches and the open bars on the road.


On the way we stopped at a mall which was decorated for Christmas celebrations. The beautiful view, soft breeze and a little drizzling was all that we needed for a romantic outing.

We realized that we were roaming around for last 3 hours when we looked for time as we got hungry. Having  just any type of meal is not a problem in Pattaya whether u need sea food, indian food, continenetal etc. After scanning various menu cards we finally settled for Ali baba Chalis Chor (we loved the name). The ambience was nice and the food, very satisfying.

As we started back to our hotel, we were tempted to hire a motorbike taxi which is the most popular transport in Pattaya for tourists. You can see motorbikes parked just everywhere in a queue all over the city. But we dropped the idea as we had a taxi waiting at our hotel for a visit to the Alcazar show.
“If you are visiting Pattaya or even Bangkok, you must not miss the ALCAZAR SHOW”. This is exactly what a representative of 99Holidays told us. And I am thankful to them for arranging the show tickets for us as I still cherish the evening I spent watching the Alcazar show. It is famous Cabaret Show which delighted us with non-stop entertainment, sheer extravagant costumes, stunning ladies, spectacular stage, a grand show. There was so much fun in the air, especially when the crowd went hysterical as the troop danced to the Indian number Aaja Nach le. That moment we realized, there were so many Indians visiting the show and hence on a vacation in Pattaya. The realization became even clear next day when we boarded a speed boat occupied by Indian Tourists.

The next day started with a visit to coral island. It is only 45 minutes boat ride west of Pattaya. One can opt for several activities like the idyllic beaches of Koh Larn (Coral Island) offer a change of pace from the upbeat dynamism of Pattaya beaches and make a perfect day-trip. This former sleepy fishing village boasts translucent blue waters, brimming with an abundance of coral and marine life. Relax on the fine white sand, get that perfect sun tan or plunge in for a swim.

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The day and the Pattaya trip ended with a visit to Gem Gallery where one can see the history of gem making and an awesome collection of beautiful jewellery and other items.


Finally we came back home from our memorable vacation and I must say, if it wouldn’t have been for 99Holidays, we could have had such a relaxed holiday where everything was planned as per our comfort and hats off to their team which made sure that we had a perfect holiday starting from its planning, arrival, sightseeing, trip advices and I can go on and on… I look forward to plan go for my next vacation, because when it’s with 99Holidays, you just need to pack your bags.